Working with a timer

When I'm really, really busy and start to feel overwhelmed with the amount of work I have yet to do, I resort to the Pomodoro Tomato technique. In fact, I swear by it. I've covered this before, but for those who don't know what the Pomodoro technique is, it's a kitchen timer technique that you … Continue reading Working with a timer


Diary of a non-fiction book: week 4 – day 2

Day 2 was actually on Wednesday when I went to the Cadbury archives again in Birmingham. What a day! I was late leaving in the first place and didn't get away until 9:30am when I really wanted to be on the road at 9am. And then - horror! - my satnav lost my location. Mid-M1. … Continue reading Diary of a non-fiction book: week 4 – day 2