Diary of a freelance writer: 30 November 2016 (*** rant alert ***)

nanowrimo_2016_webbadge_winnerWell, today is the last day of NaNoWriMo 2016 and, for reasons that should become clear, I have mixed emotions.

The bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and also anyone on Facebook and Twitter, will have already spotted that I WON this year’s NaNo. It’s the fourth time I’ve officially entered, and it’s the second time I’ve won.

Last year I threw caution (and the rock-solid outline) to the wind and wrote Mardi Gras by the seat of my pants. Mardi Gras is still awaiting completion, because it’s nothing like anything I’ve ever written before. But it will be finished.

This year I decided to have a crack at finishing Catch the Rainbow. It’s now, thanks to NaNo, at more than 78,000 words and the first draft is practically finished. Practically. I still have a few tweaks and a couple of extra scenes to do, possibly around 5,000 words-worth (ha! do you see what I did there?) of extra work. But the main thing is, it’s the closest to finished that it’s ever been, and with that I’m delighted.

*** rant alert ***
However … while I absolutely fell in love with Scrivener while I was writing these extra 50,000 words, I am also furious. Not once, but TWICE Scrivener lost my latest work. I’m not really sure how this is happening at the moment, but it seems to be because I’ve been saving it to both destktop and memory stick. Sometimes, if it opens a version by mistake, and it’s not necessarily the most recent version, it’s OVER-RIDING the most recent version because this one is the last to be opened. This is SO WRONG. It should at least ask.

When it did it the first time, I was still quite early on in the project, but it lost around 2,000 words and two whole scenes. From that moment on, at the end of each session, I made sure to compile to Word every time, email that Word file to myself, and then I saved the latest of the Scrivener files on both the desktop and the memory stick.

BUT … yesterday it did it again, and I don’t know why.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to email the latest Scrivener files to myself. Fortunately, I still had my latest compile in Word. Unfortunately, it didn’t include things that aren’t included in the compile.

I’ve got around it for now and, for now, I was able to complete this year’s NaNoWriMo, but either I’m doing something very wrong, or it’s a bug and Scrivener needs to sort it out.

Anyway, *** end of rant *** … here’s how the rest of the week went …

Wednesday 23 November 2016
Wednesday was day 23 of NaNoWriMo but it was a wrench and I gave up after only 680 words. In the afternoon, I started a new edit for a book, and we did the shopping that evening.

Thursday 24 November 2016
On Thursday, I caught up a little and wrote 1,996 words for NaNo and 684 for a blog post.  I continued with the new edit, and I popped in to see the neighbours as I’ve not seen them for ages and had a few minutes to spare … I think I was down there for around an hour in the end …

Friday 25 November 2016
On Friday, I caught up some more and wrote 2,019 words for NaNo. I did some more editing (it’s not an easy edit), and I raised an invoice (hurrah!).

On Saturday, I wrote 1,726 words for NaNo. But we had a very long day on Sunday visiting and ferrying parents, and by the time we got home, I was very tired. Before we knew it, it was bedtime and – for the first time this year – I forgot to do my NaNo.

Monday 27 November 2016
First job on Monday was Sunday’s NaNo, and I wrote 1,710 words. Then I wrote 506 words for a blog post, added 277 words to Diary of a Scaredy Cat, and then wrote 1,810 words for Monday’s NaNo. I felt very smug by the end of Monday, especially as I also managed more editing.

Tuesday 29 November 2016
On Tuesday I wrote 1,514 words for NaNo, but I was definitely running out of steam. I think the only thing keeping me going was sight of the finish line. I also did some admin. With NaNo soon to be over, I’ll be starting work on short material again and the record files were all over the place, and markets information needed updating. I also continued with the sticky edit.

Homework w/c 30 November 2016
We already know that I finished NaNoWriMo and the thing I’m looking forward to the most is writing something different. I will finish the loose ends of Catch the Rainbow, but as there are “modern day” scenes in this otherwise historical story that feature Marcie Craig and that were very, very easy to write, I’m itching to get back to her next story, The Beast Within, which is the immediate sequel to Night Crawler.

(Although the scenes in Catch the Rainbow happen in between the two stories … and also, a character that features quite heavily in The Beast Within made his first appearance in Catch the Rainbow too, but in the historical part.)

Thursday 1 December will be new month admin day, and then I want to shift some short stories, get those out earning their keep. I had one rejection during NaNo, and I’d like to apply the suggestions before sending that one on its way again.

Our hens arrive at the weekend, on Saturday, so we’ll be busy with those. And the poet has his first gig in over a month that night.

What are you up to this week?

Diary of a freelance writer: 3 February 2016

What a very busy week I had last week, publishing a new book on Tuesday and then sending another 2 paperbacks off to print. Sorry for not doing this last week. I’ll do last week’s today, then this week’s on Wednesday.

Wednesday 27 January 2016
Wednesday was an ordinary writing day, where I wrote 600 words on 2 projects and then spent much of the day doing admin or “thinking” about writing.

Thursday 28 January 2016
Thursday morning I did more admin work, for the gig list, for the diary. I wrote 294 words, and I printed off a new editing job.

A hair appointment shortened the day a little, so I didn’t do as much of the editing as I hoped I would.

Friday 23 January 2016
On Friday I did more admin but I cracked on with the editing job, as I’d like the money before the end of the month if possible.

A dental appointment mid-afternoon broke the day in 2, and I didn’t do much else when I came back, other than reading work.

On Saturday we visited my parents and on the way home we stopped off at Kingsbury Water Park for our weekly walk. On Sunday it was the poet’s mother’s birthday, so we popped over to see his parents and did our shopping on the way back. We didn’t do much else research/writing-wise.

Monday 1 February 2016
Monday consisted mostly of new month admin. I fell short of my 20,000-word writing target by more than 5,000 words, due mostly to the editing work I’ve been doing. But I set my new month’s writing target at 21,000 words and hope to do much better this time.

First job of the day was gig list admin, then I wrote 319 words for a blog post. In the afternoon I finished a short story and sent it off to market, adding another 1,400 words to the target.

Once that had gone, I did more work on the editing job and received a new job in from lovely-already-boss.

Tuesday 2 February 2016
Tuesday was a very exciting day as my first novel, Night Crawler, by Diane Parkin was repackaged and republished as Night Crawler: a Marcie Craig mystery by Diane Wordsworth. And Tuesday was publication day. This took up most of the day, with the associated press and PR work that goes with it. I still have to update my “buy my books” pages, but both blogs, Facebook and the website were all updated with the new book.

I wrote 924 words over both blogs and the news page on the website, and I continued with the edit.

Homework w/c 3 February 2016
The new week was to begin with more publishing work, sorting out 2 more books to be republished and repackaged as paperbacks.

I had that big edit to finish and the new edit to start, plus proofreading of another client project.

I also want to do more on the fiction writing course.

What are you up to this week?

*RE*PUBLICATION DAY – Night Crawler: a Marcie Craig mystery

lulu coverWe’re a few days late – the book was due out on Friday, but we had some cover issues – but here it is, finally. Night Crawler, republished and repackaged as Night Crawler: a Marcie Craig mystery by Diane Wordsworth.

I’m retiring the original print copies now and the paperback should be out in about 3 months. Then I’ll retire the ebooks, and the new ebooks will follow.

You can only get hold of this hardback book from Lulu at the moment, where the price is £15.99 + p&p. As soon as it’s reached the other stores, I’ll let everyone know.

Meanwhile, please follow the link here, and do rate the book if you’ve already bought and read it. Thank you!