News: new platform for digital editions

I have a new platform for my digital editions. At the moment, only Diary of a Scaredy Cat has been migrated over. But eventually, all of my ebooks in various formats will be available from Pronoun, apart from those traditionally published. Hardbacks will still originate on Lulu and paperbacks will still be over on CreateSpace. … Continue reading News: new platform for digital editions


52 books in 52 weeks: Diary of a Scaredy Cat

*** shameless self-plug alert *** I set myself the goal of reading and reviewing 52 writing guides over the year. Here is book 24. I couldn't complete a series on writers' guides without at least including a plug for my own. Especially as it's the first in a series, and especially as I've been getting … Continue reading 52 books in 52 weeks: Diary of a Scaredy Cat


March has been a bit busy ... apologies for going AWOL. Nothing has been wrong, all is well. I've just been really, really busy. The month began with the tail end of an editing job finally delivered on 7 March.  It was followed almost immediately with two new editing jobs from lovely-already-boss, and a proofreading … Continue reading Update

January round-up

January has not been a great start to 2017 for me, work-wise. I've been lazy, unmotivated and easily distracted. I think the biggest problem was I didn't set myself a total word-count target for the month and, as a result, I've written hardly anything. I have had one book each in from two clients, one … Continue reading January round-up