A new office

So I have a desk in the dining room overlooking the bird table in the garden. The desk is of a very dark oak and it goes very well with the rest of the dining furniture. It's a bit cold and drafty, I have to have a fan heater on most of the time, but … Continue reading A new office

The 10% pot

Many writers I know are very sensible about looking after their money. They do their taxes throughout the year, so they're ready to go at tax time, and they save up to 25% of their income to cover the tax bill - and often more, if they have very lucrative deals and contracts. However, there … Continue reading The 10% pot

Writers’ Workshop: Researching and Writing the Perfect Murder

On Saturday I attended a crime writing workshop in Nottingham. The course was called "Researching and Writing the Perfect Murder", and it was being led by Stuart Gibbon and Stephen Booth. This is a workshop the two of them do together several times throughout the year - or it is at the moment. The workshop was … Continue reading Writers’ Workshop: Researching and Writing the Perfect Murder