The end is nigh

... well, I say the end is nigh when really what I mean is the end of the writing part is nigh. For the past two weeks I've been in the writing cave, trying to finish the history book. Last week I managed to pop up for air and come in to say hello with the … Continue reading The end is nigh


Round-up & to-do list

Last week I had a proper ol' blitzing of the work in progress. Here's how I did: stitch everything together for the Cadbury book On Monday I added 2,728 words to the Cadbury book. On Tuesday I added 3,089 words. On Wednesday I added 1,617 words. On Thursday I added 1,900 words. And on Friday … Continue reading Round-up & to-do list

The 10% pot

Many writers I know are very sensible about looking after their money. They do their taxes throughout the year, so they're ready to go at tax time, and they save up to 25% of their income to cover the tax bill - and often more, if they have very lucrative deals and contracts. However, there … Continue reading The 10% pot