Diary of a freelance writer: 21 September 2016

Ooh, I’ve been faffing with a mobile phone today (blummin technology!), and I almost forgot to get on with some work … But, it’s still Wednesday, so I’m not late yet …

Wednesday 14 September 2016
On Wednesday I wrote 682 words for a blog post and 404 words for a writing course assignment. I revised half of Tutorial 3 on the BCJ course. And I continued to edit Baggins Bottom Best Bits Book Two, the rebrand.

Thursday 15 September 2016
On Thursday I completed Tutorial 3 of the BCJ course and I wrote 388 words for that. Then I printed off Tutorials 4 to 6 (inclusive) so I have them in the folder without having to switch on the pc. I did some more editing for Baggins Bottom Best Bits Book Two.

Friday 16 September 2016
On Friday the electricity was supposed to be off, so I planned for that very carefully and made sure I had lots of hard-copy material to work on. I wrote 2 brand new outlines and a brand new first draft of short stories, and I wrote the first full draft of a previously outlined short story.

The electricity didn’t go off in the end, for some reason – but it was quite thundery, stormy weather and they wanted to turn the power off so they could trim trees that were getting too close to the overhead power lines. In case it was the weather, then I await their next notification so I can plan again. It was a very productive day.

Saturday was a doss day. We have a busy month ahead in October, and we have a busy weekend ahead too. So we chose to do nothing out of the ordinary at the weekend. Saying that, we did tackle some long overdue filing, crossing several addresses, and I wrote another brand new first draft short story.

Monday 19 September 2016
On Monday I continued with the BCJ course revision, Tutorial 4 this time, and I wrote a very small amount of words for that. I finished editing the rebrand of Baggins Bottom Best Bits Book Two, and I started a medium-sized edit for lovely-retainer-boss.

Tuesday 20 September 2016
Yesterday I completed the revision of Tutorial 5 for the BCJ course, and I started Assignment F4 for the WB course. I wrote 640 words for both of those. Then I sorted out my short-story WIP and discovered I have 15 short stories in various stages of completion. So those have all gone down to be completed (and remember, some of these need draft 1 writing, draft 2 writing, draft 3 typing, and editing, and some of them are only in idea stage and need an outline too). I’d like to complete a few of those and get them out earning their keep before I start any new ones.

The afternoon was spent taking the poet back for a hospital checkup and the weekly shopping, as we were out.

Homework w/c 21 September 2016
My homework for the coming week consists mostly of editing and completing short stories. If I feel like it, and find the time, I may also do some novel work. However, we are off to London for the weekend and I’d like to get as much done as possible before then as we won’t be home to do the usual housework.

What are you up to this week?


2 thoughts on “Diary of a freelance writer: 21 September 2016

  1. carolwarham says:

    Just about finished all the reading I’ve been doing for RoNa and Hysteria. Then I can think about book no 2. Started some research for it. My writing has been sidelined for the last 3 weeks so need to get back into the flow. Enjoy London.


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