Diary of a freelance writer: 24 February 2016

It’s not been a great week. We’ve been busy with one thing or another that isn’t really for sharing. And my days have been spent recharging, I suppose. I need to sort myself out, though, give myself another kick up the bum. Because too busy to work doesn’t earn the pennies.

Wednesday 17 February 2016
Last Wednesday I was taking my dad home after a short stay with us. So that wiped out the entire day.

Thursday 18 February 2016
Thursday was better. Again. I did gig list admin (again), and I wrote 869 words of blog posts.

In the afternoon, I did some survey work, some pro-bono work and some diary work.

Friday 19 February 2016
On Friday I did a little editing work but I did more survey work too as it’s quick and easy money.

At the weekend we had a gig Saturday night and we were visiting Sunday morning. But Sunday afternoon, on our way home, we managed to squeeze in a short walk.

Monday 22 February 2016
Monday was pretty much the same as most days. I’d already pre-scheduled the gig list work on Thursday, and that posted automatically. I must make a habit of that because it saves time on a Monday, when I’m busy after the weekend, and I don’t have to worry about making it my first job.

We had yet more visiting to do Monday evening.

Tuesday 23 February 2016
Tuesday was the same as Monday with me doing little odds and sods around the office, but we were glad to have a day off from having to do things for other people.

Homework w/c 24 February 2016
My office is a mess – a terrible mess – and not how I like to work at all. So first job this week will be to start to sort out the filing. I want to swap the drawers over, so that the alpha-filing is closer to hand and the old brought-forward system is further away. I don’t even use the b/f system any more, and don’t really know anyone else who does. (Do you?) So that drawer will eventually be changed to over-spill, or continuation of the alpha-drawer.

I have a book that needs editing, so that I can get it back to the client. And I have 2 books from the same client that need proofreading. I need to really crack on with this.

I want to write a short story for fave market, I want to write a short story for a new (to me) market, I want to do my next fiction writing course assignment, and I’d like to come up with a story for one of the calls for submissions doing the rounds.

Meantime, I have the poet’s birthday on Friday and a very busy weekend ahead as son #2 + g/f are coming for the weekend and we’re hopefully going walking on Sunday.

What are you up to this week?

Diary of a freelance writer: 17 February 2016

So here I am, a day late again. This time it’s because we had a guest and I was taking him home yesterday. But it has been another hectic, busy week with our usual routine slightly different.

Wednesday 10 February 2016
Today – and for much of the rest of the week really – the only job I really did was the heavy editing job. I didn’t manage any of my daily admin stuff either, or very much housework.

Thursday 11 February 2016
Thursday was better. I did gig list admin, I wrote 677 words of blog posts, and I wrote 176 words of short story planning. I’ve come up with an entire outline for one short story and the bones of an idea of another short story.

In the afternoon, I did more of the heavy edit and managed to finally finish the hard copy edit.

Friday 12 February 2016
Friday was just half a day for me as I had to go and collect my dad, who was coming to stay for a few days. I managed a few hours on the electronic edit, went off to collect him, then did another few hours in the evening. I didn’t do anything else on Friday.

We had snow forecast on Saturday, and for almost every day next week, and I had just a chill day, although I did do a few more hours on the heavy edit.

On Sunday we went visiting, and I did some more hours on the heavy edit … (sigh)

The snow never came.

Monday 15 February 2016
At 9am, I sat down at my desk and I continued with the electronic edit. I paused for a banana, for lunch, for a cup of tea and for tea. But I carried on until, at 8:45pm, I finally finished the work and was able to send off the invoice. (Hurrah!)

The snow never came.

Tuesday 16 February 2016
It was a bit of an easy day on Tuesday. I always seem to need to recharge after finishing a particularly big job. I did, however, do some pro-bono work. I caught up on some of my admin work. And I started a new edit. I also printed off Mardi Gras, which was my 2015 NaNoWriMo project. It needs development.

The snow never came …

Homework w/c 17 February 2016
On Wednesday I was due to take my dad back home again, so not a lot would get done then. We also had a meeting booked for the pro-bono project.

Aside from that, the plan for the coming week is to catch up on everything didn’t manage to do while (a) I was doing that heavy edit, and (b) my dad was here.

I have the new edit to continue with. I have that outlined short story to maybe draft out. I have Mardi Gras to sit and work though.

And I’m still watching for snow.

What are you up to this week?

Diary of a freelance writer: 10 February 2016

And despite my best efforts, I still failed to come in and post the diary yesterday … Saying that, though, I didn’t even switch the computer on I was that busy. So here we are again, a day late again – but at least it’s not as late as the last one.

Wednesday 3 February 2016
On Wednesday I worked on 2 more republications – the paperback version of the new Night Crawler: a Marcie Craig mystery, and the re-issue of Twee Tales with the new byline. This means that the original Twee Tales paperback will also be retired, just as soon as I’m happy with the cover. The 2 old versions of Night Crawler (paperback and hardback) have already been retired.

The rest of the day was spent on the big client edit I have in and an email off to the client warning them that it’s a bigger job than I thought and that it will take a little longer than originally promised.

I had to knock off work early and take the dog to the vet to be chipped and to have his ears looked at. He has an infection in one of them and I wanted some antibiotic ointment for him.

Thursday 4 February 2016
Thursday morning was mostly admin – gig list admin, daily competitions, daily surveys.

The afternoon was a continuation of the hard-copy client edit.

The poet had band practice Thursday evening, so I dropped him off, went to do the shopping, then collected him again.

Friday 5 February 2016
Again, Friday morning was daily competitions and daily surveys (the surveys I get paid for and am quite enjoying them). And the rest of the day was more of that big edit.

Saturday was a do-diddle-day, and Sunday was a walk/research day to Tetney Lock near Cleethorpes for a 4-mile walk.

Monday 8 February 2016
On Monday morning I did some more admin work, gig list admin, daily competitions, daily surveys and I updated the diary.

Then I wrote 793 words – not a lot but with a week almost of admin, publishing and editing, it was nice to get some words written.

The afternoon was spent doing more hard-copy client editing – I did warn them it was a bigger job than I originally thought.

Tuesday 9 February 2016
I have some pro-bono work I need to catch up but just haven’t had chance to fit any in. It was booked in for Tuesday, but I just did more editing as I want to get that job shifted and invoiced.

Aside from admin stuff, I did also manage another 685 words on a blog post.

Homework w/c 10 February 2016
I suppose my main objective this week is to catch up on work and get back into my schedule. I need to finish that client edit then I have another client edit to start.

I have that pro-bono work to catch up with and I think we have a meeting next Wednesday evening.

And I’m currently percolating 2 short stories – 1 is planned out, the other has the main character, who just happens to be one of Marcie Craig’s neighbours, but that’s all so far.

I have the diary to do for the coming week. That should give me more idea of if I’ll catch up with the schedule or not.

Also, I’m not happy with the cover for the new Twee Tales, so I have to choose another picture for that. The paperback of the new Night Crawler is ready to go, though, and I also have copies of books to send off for legal deposit.

Finally, my dad’s coming for a few days, so I don’t want to be solidly busy while he’s here.

What are you up to this week?

Diary of a freelance writer: 3 February 2016

What a very busy week I had last week, publishing a new book on Tuesday and then sending another 2 paperbacks off to print. Sorry for not doing this last week. I’ll do last week’s today, then this week’s on Wednesday.

Wednesday 27 January 2016
Wednesday was an ordinary writing day, where I wrote 600 words on 2 projects and then spent much of the day doing admin or “thinking” about writing.

Thursday 28 January 2016
Thursday morning I did more admin work, for the gig list, for the diary. I wrote 294 words, and I printed off a new editing job.

A hair appointment shortened the day a little, so I didn’t do as much of the editing as I hoped I would.

Friday 23 January 2016
On Friday I did more admin but I cracked on with the editing job, as I’d like the money before the end of the month if possible.

A dental appointment mid-afternoon broke the day in 2, and I didn’t do much else when I came back, other than reading work.

On Saturday we visited my parents and on the way home we stopped off at Kingsbury Water Park for our weekly walk. On Sunday it was the poet’s mother’s birthday, so we popped over to see his parents and did our shopping on the way back. We didn’t do much else research/writing-wise.

Monday 1 February 2016
Monday consisted mostly of new month admin. I fell short of my 20,000-word writing target by more than 5,000 words, due mostly to the editing work I’ve been doing. But I set my new month’s writing target at 21,000 words and hope to do much better this time.

First job of the day was gig list admin, then I wrote 319 words for a blog post. In the afternoon I finished a short story and sent it off to market, adding another 1,400 words to the target.

Once that had gone, I did more work on the editing job and received a new job in from lovely-already-boss.

Tuesday 2 February 2016
Tuesday was a very exciting day as my first novel, Night Crawler, by Diane Parkin was repackaged and republished as Night Crawler: a Marcie Craig mystery by Diane Wordsworth. And Tuesday was publication day. This took up most of the day, with the associated press and PR work that goes with it. I still have to update my “buy my books” pages, but both blogs, Facebook and the website were all updated with the new book.

I wrote 924 words over both blogs and the news page on the website, and I continued with the edit.

Homework w/c 3 February 2016
The new week was to begin with more publishing work, sorting out 2 more books to be republished and repackaged as paperbacks.

I had that big edit to finish and the new edit to start, plus proofreading of another client project.

I also want to do more on the fiction writing course.

What are you up to this week?

*RE*PUBLICATION DAY – Night Crawler: a Marcie Craig mystery

lulu coverWe’re a few days late – the book was due out on Friday, but we had some cover issues – but here it is, finally. Night Crawler, republished and repackaged as Night Crawler: a Marcie Craig mystery by Diane Wordsworth.

I’m retiring the original print copies now and the paperback should be out in about 3 months. Then I’ll retire the ebooks, and the new ebooks will follow.

You can only get hold of this hardback book from Lulu at the moment, where the price is £15.99 + p&p. As soon as it’s reached the other stores, I’ll let everyone know.

Meanwhile, please follow the link here, and do rate the book if you’ve already bought and read it. Thank you!