Diary of a freelance writer: 13 January 2016

Welcome to the recently new followers. I hope you’ll stay a while and maybe join in.

Wednesday 6 January 2016
I had a very good writing day last Wednesday. I wrote 1,022 words for blog posts, and I wrote 573 words towards the 3rd assignment of my fiction writing course. This is a 3-part assignment, the 2nd part also consisting of 3 parts. The topic for this particular assignment was viewpoint, and this was the 2nd part of the assignment I did today.

In the afternoon I finished the author revisions for a book I’d edited before Christmas.

Thursday 7 January 2016
The following day consisted of gig list admin and diary work before writing 946 words for a walking blog. I did a little pro-bono work and I edited some captions for a book and sent those off.

In the afternoon I sketched out the basic idea for a short story for the 3rd part of my fiction writing assignment, using Scrivener again. Then I started a brand new edit, a big one, for one of my regular clients.

During the evening, after doing the weekly shopping, we dropped a job in to a publisher.

Friday 8 January 2016
On Friday I started a new blog feature and wrote 608 words. All of these lifestyle features are over on Baggins Bottom.  I wrote the first 856 words of the short story outlined the day before, and in the afternoon I continued with the new editing job.

On Friday night Monkey Dust had a gig over in Doncaster for a birthday party.

Monkey Dust had another gig on Saturday evening, but on Sunday we went for another walk for material for (a) the blog, and (b) the walking book.

Monday 11 January 2016
Monday started with gig list admin and writing up 726 words for the walk blog. I wrote a further 488 words for the short story outlined last week, so finishing the first draft – and the first full short story completed this year so far – and I edited a further 40 pages of the big book.

Tuesday 12 January 2016
Yesterday started with another blog post/book content, just a little one coming to 325 words. Then I polished all of the 3rd assignment, including the short story, and got that sent off to my tutor.

In the afternoon I edited another 79 pages of the book – I did say it was a big one, there are still 106 pages to go.

Homework w/c 13 January 2016
Today I’d like to start reading the material for the 4th assignment of my fiction writing course, but at some point I’d also like to write another short story – this one for fave short story market in case I don’t get feedback in time for my January submission on the one I did for the course. I’d also like to start loading Catch the Rainbow onto Scrivener. I seem to have fallen in love with Scrivener … ❤

I still have those 106 pages to finish the hard copy edit on, then I’ll have the electronic edit to do. I’d like to get those done and the book sent back by the end of Friday.

This evening we were supposed to be going to a meeting for the pro-bono work, but we’ve had to cancel that. The poet has sent our apologies along with his first drafts of the logo and the event poster.

There are another 2 days of blog posts to come up with this week and I think we’ve already decided where this weekend’s walk will be. Then early next week I’ll be back on the job board looking for future work, if nothing comes in meanwhile.

What are you up to this week?


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