Book review: Game Players

This is a new feature on Words Worth Writing, in association with NetGalley. Game Players, Anita Waller Thanks to NetGalley and to Bloodhound Books for an advance copy of Game Players by Anita Waller. This was my first meeting with Anita Waller, and I have to say I did enjoy the fast pace, the twists … Continue reading Book review: Game Players


Life on the farm: all good things … (*** list alert ***)

Well, it's been about as busy as ever here on the farm, with not a lot of actual words being produced. And it's about to get even busier. I feel like a broken record, but it really is true. So, what have we been up to? Where do I begin? First off, the poet changed … Continue reading Life on the farm: all good things … (*** list alert ***)

A new office

So I have a desk in the dining room overlooking the bird table in the garden. The desk is of a very dark oak and it goes very well with the rest of the dining furniture. It's a bit cold and drafty, I have to have a fan heater on most of the time, but … Continue reading A new office

The 10% pot

Many writers I know are very sensible about looking after their money. They do their taxes throughout the year, so they're ready to go at tax time, and they save up to 25% of their income to cover the tax bill - and often more, if they have very lucrative deals and contracts. However, there … Continue reading The 10% pot